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Wildlife near power equipment is the most common cause of outages at public power utilities, according to the American Public Power Association. In 2015, squirrels caused 560 power outages… in Montana alone. On average, 13,000 people are affected by an animal-caused outage. A single substation outage can cost tens of thousands of dollars in equipment cost, man hours and more.

Outages cost the U.S. economy an estimated $80-188 billion every year in lost commercial activity, lowered productivity, consumer dissatisfaction and more.

Why not reduce these costly outages by installing Animal Guard on your utility poles?

Animal Guard is a unique plastic wrap for use on utility poles to discourage the ascent of climbing animals such as squirrels, raccoons, cats, etc. It is UV-stabilized to withstand many years of prolonged sun exposure. Can be placed at any strategic location on the pole to impede accessibility to animals. For your convenience,  For large quantity orders, Custom heights and lengths are available upon request.

Help reduce outages today by installing Animal Guard on your utility poles!

• UV stabilized
• Versatile & Easy to install
• Helps Prevent Power Outages

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