frequently asked questions

Looking at the 8’ HHR or 32” Adjustable, not sure which one I need
  • Do you need to separate a nipper or biter? ~ if so, the 8’ HHR is your choice. The stanchions provide a nice separation to help.
  • If you are looking a little less weight and the flexibility to flip it up on its side, roll it across the pasture and throw it over the next bale then you are looking for the 32” Adjustable.
    • This is especially helpful for someone who is doing it on their own or is of shorter stature.
Does the plastic have an issue in the colder temperatures?
  • No, we include a special additive that helps protect it in the harsher winter weather. We have Canadian customers who have used them for years in temperatures well beyond our recommendations without issue.
What about my horse getting inside the ring?
  • Not the preferred method for anyone’s horses but certainly happens and there are no issues.
Do you sell a Net to go with the rings?
  • No we do not. However, we have a couple of different Net manufacturers who like to pair their net with our rings.  While the rings are significant hay savers on their own, the ring/net combo has been well received by many folks over the years when used in tandem.
Do the Rings come assembled?
  • No, we will ship the number of panels you have ordered (Ex: 6 for a 6’ diameter bale of hay) and will include a hardware packet and instructions.
  • Note: These deliver on a semi which means you must be capable of taking them off of the truck without stepping inside the trailer, trucking companies do not usually call ahead and they need to deliver to somewhere they can easily turn around without backing down a drive/(if this does not sound like your farm, we would encourage you to consider your local tack/feed store, veterinarian, etc.)
    • Should we have a distributor near you, we will share that information in the hopes that this would be more convenient for you.