Roll-off dumpsters are popular for the proper management of large quantities of waste. When containing large quantities of waste, it is important to consider how this can be effectively achieved. A critical part of the dumpster container is the lid.

Dumpster lids close off the container, preventing the trash from overflowing onto the ground. They may also prevent the wind from blowing out wastes and vermin from jumping inside the trash. Besides, the plastic dumpster lid can protect you from harsh fines and penalties from environmental agencies.

Here are five factors to consider when purchasing the right dumpster lids.

1. Type of Roll-Off Dumpster

There are a variety of waste containers used for trash collection. The type of load container used will affect the type of dumpster lids used to cover them. Two of the most commonly used types are front and rear load containers. Front-load dumpsters have slots on the side where the garbage truck places its forks to lift and empty the container. Rear load bins have a slanting, front-facing side with rods that extend from the sides. Your dumpster type may affect the direction of the hinges chosen and the size of the hinge ears used.

2. Size

The size of your roll-off dumpster will also determine the size of the dumpster lids that you buy. The cover that you purchase needs to fully envelop the waste container. You may need to take out your tapeline and measure the length and width of your dumpster. The correct way to carry out the width measurement is to start from the center of the hinge hole to the edge of the container. These measurements will help you pick out the right model numbers that will fully cover the opening of the roll-off dumpster.

3. Material

You may also need to figure out the right material to use. Plastic dumpster lids are the most popular due to their affordability, low corrosion exposure, and lightweight properties. Metallic covers are prone to corrosion and may require frequent sealing or painting to keep them in top shape. Decides, the metallic sheets are more expensive than the reinforced plastic counterparts. Thermoformed plastics are strong and durable, making them the ideal option for your dumpster cover.

4. Safety

You may have to frequently open your dumpster lid to place in the trash you accumulate within your property. Metallic covers are heavy and difficult to lift, increasing the risk of accidents occurring as you dump in your waste. Additionally, the sharp metal edges can cause cuts on your hands as you lift off the cover. Thermoplastic dumpster lids are lightweight and have smooth edges.

5. Durability

You may need to check the longevity of the dumpster covers. Plastic lids are rot and corrosion resistant as opposed to metal covers. Additionally, the thermoplastics used are UV resistant, reducing the damage from exposure to the sun. The strong, reinforced plastic can withstand any weather condition.

Finding the right dumpster lid is key to keeping rodents and rainwater out. Thermoplastic covers offer better solutions than metallic lids due to their moisture, rot, and corrosion resistance properties. Contact AGI products to place your order for thermoformed plastic dumpster lids, plastic farm feeders, or ponder liners.