Plastic hay rings reduce waste and save you money. Hay loss estimates for bales without rings are as high as 21% of the bale weight. That is a lot of waste and a lot of money to lose. Plastic hay rings can stop the loss.

Plastic manufacturing is the third largest manufacturer in the US for good reason. Plastic is often the safer option for food sources, including Agri-food sources. Plastic rings can be safer and more effective than metal rings.

Safety First

Plastic hay rings are safer than metal hay rings for feeding. The metals can leach into the hay and cause contaminants to be consumed. Plastic rings do not leech into the hay. Metal is corrosive and will rot with time. Rust and other elements will contaminate hay.

Plastic is a safer option. Durable hay rings made of plastic can stand the test of time with no risk to the livestock.

Reduce The Waste

Ringless hay will get scattered, trampled, and wasted. Hay that is protected by an easy to assemble ring stays put. You are not paying for hay to provide a carpet for livestock to trample on. Plastic hay rings keep the hay confined.

Good For Your Livestock Health

Grazing animals will graze through hay that has been mucked up. Hay rings help to keep the hay sanitary and free of debris. It is a better way to feed.

How Much Waste Reduction Can You Realize?

There will still be some waste when you use plastic rings, but considerably less. According to Oklahoma State University, a hay ring can reduce waste down to about 4% of the total bale weight. If you add a bottom sheet to the ring, you can further reduce the waste to about 2% of the total bale weight.

Considering that not using a ring means losing about 21% of the total bale weight to waste, you can see that there are significant savings by deploying plastic hay rings. Protecting your investments and getting a higher return on your hay is easy to accomplish with plastic rings.

Simple Solutions

Durable, high-quality plastic rings are a simple solution for cutting back on waste and costs. They are easy to use, affordable, and long-lasting. Turn to the experts in Agri plastics to get the rings that you can depend on to help you save.