As we are sliding into home base with the COVID 19 pandemic, all the experts have the same advice. Keep your distance, keep the masks on, and keep on washing your hands. Of course, in some situations keeping your distance is difficult at best. For example, in a classroom, it can be a real challenge to keep children the recommended six feet apart. Desktop defender is the solution.

Desktop defender is an easy-to-use personal safety shield that provides a student sneeze guard barrier between one student and the next. Each student’s desk can be outfitted with desktop defenders to ensure that everyone has their own personal protection, and of course, to protect the educators in the room.

Better Safe Than Sorry

If there is only one thing, we take away from the COVID 19 pandemic, it should be that you can never be too cautious. This pandemic has spread like wildfire across all socioeconomic classes, races, religions, age groups, and more. Everyone is at risk.

The desktop defender adds that additional layer of protection that every school should afford their teachers, staff, and students. Protective desk barriers can help to slow the spread of COVID 19 by keeping this airborne virus from spreading.

How Do You Keep Kids Apart?

Kids are kids. They love to share with their friends, except now with COVID, passing things to one another can be deadly. Even if you keep the kids physically distanced from each other, without an actual barrier they will find a way to get near each other. Protective desk barriers are a constant reminder that they need to stay separate without being a distraction to learning.

Its Not Just for Kids

This can be the ideal solution for schools, daycares, libraries, study halls, businesses, and other environments where people must sit at a desk. The desktop defender can easily be installed and removed.

Desktop defenders can be the safest way to get back to life without risking anyone’s health. This personal safety shield will not only help you reopen it will help you to stay open. You, your students, or your customers deserve peace of mind knowing that you are taking every step you can to keep them safe. Do your part with the desktop defender and let us say goodbye to this awful virus together.