How do we get back to normal? This is a question that everyone across the United States is asking. Helping people stay safe so we can get back to living has become everyone’s problem.

Being able to pivot from focusing on the production of plastic hay ring and plastic farm feeder production to a desktop defender (protective desk barrier) and a personal safety shield, is how we are doing our part. WHO has recommended that PPE production needs to increase by 40% to meet new demands.

Getting Back to School

Many states did what they needed to during the pandemic to keep children and their loved ones safe. In many states, schools closed, and opened only to remote learning, but, it is time to get back to school. Expert after expert has stood by the research that children learn better in person.

School districts and administrators are tasked with an entirely new problem. How do you keep your teachers safe, while educating children in person?

Desktop defenders are an excellent way to keep staff members safe during in-person learning. They are easy to install, affordable, and can help to ensure your school stays up and running. The desktop defender acts as a personal safety shield against the spread of COVID 19 by putting a clear barrier between the teachers and the students.

Getting Back to Work

Getting back to work is imperative. All industries are feeling the financial pinch of COVID 19. Of course, business owners and managers are faced with the same problems that school systems are dealing with. How do you call everyone back to work in person, and keep them safe?

Personal protective equipment like a plastic sneeze shield, protective desk barrier (desktop defenders), and following the CDC guidelines. Investing in the equipment that is going to let your business reopen safely will be one of the best investments you make.

How Do Desktop Defenders Work?

The affordable lightweight desk defenders provide the personal safety shield that helps to protect against COVID 19. COVID 19 is spread from person to person through droplets from sneezing, coughing, and even breathing. These shields prevent those droplets from being transmitted.

The clear barriers are easy to set up, fully portable, and a stand-alone defense against COVID 19. For many businesses that have taken the PPE loans, it is imperative that you keep your employees employed. Desktop defenders are an easy no-fuss way to make sure everyone can work safely.

Quality Without Question

AGI is well known for high-quality products like the plastic hay ring and plastic farm feeder that has helped to make farming easier. You get the same great quality and affordability whether you are looking for an easy to use method to protect your employees with the desktop defenders or you are looking for a way to make farming easier with a plastic hay ring.