Currently, many countries globally are battling to bring the COVID-19 virus under control. To help these countries fight against the pandemic, the World Health Organization has distributed more than 500,0000 sets of personal protective equipment (PPE) to 47 countries.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) includes items such as gloves, masks, face shields, and protective desk barriers. The latter is especially vital to preventing the spread of COVID-19 in schools. But protective desk barriers aren’t just limited to the classroom. They can be used in other settings such as offices, restaurants, and grocery stores.

If you’re looking to keep your school or business safe from COVID-19 and other viruses, you should consider getting the new Desktop Defender. Developed by AGI, the Desktop Defender is a high-quality protective desk barrier. Here are some of the advantages of the Desktop Defender.

1. It’s Made from Antimicrobial Agents

Many protective desk barriers are prone to bacteria and mold growth. Unlike those, the Desktop Defender is made from antimicrobial agents. These agents stop pathogens from thriving, thus helping to curb their spread.

2. It’s Available in Several Sizes

No matter your setting, you’re certain to find a Desktop Defender suitable for you because it comes in multiple sizes. It’s available in three sizes – standard, extended and extra-large. The standard is 18-inches high and 22-inches wide, the extended is 21-inches high and 22-inches wide, and the extra-large is 30-inches high and 24-inches wide.

3. It’s Lightweight

Desktop Defenders are manufactured from Polypropylene – an incredibly light plastic material. Additionally, they are also easy to fold and store. In fact, it is one of the reasons that desktop defenders are kid-friendly.

4. No Stand Required

The Desktop Defender is easy to set up. It comes with in-built stability pockets that allow it to stand on its own. No mounting equipment is required.

5. It’s Affordable

Desktop Defenders are available at a reasonable price. Starting at $26, you can prevent COVID-19 and other viruses from spreading in your classroom, workplace, or other setups.

6. Warranty

All Desktop Defenders come with a standard one-year warranty. Thus, you are guaranteed peace of mind with every purchase.

7. Durable

Polypropylene – the material used to make Desktop Defenders is quite tough. It has good fatigue resistance. As a result, Desktop Defenders aren’t susceptible to ruin.

Safeguard Your Classroom and Workspace

While wearing a mask and washing hands frequently are great measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, they aren’t sufficient. To halt the spread of the virus, it is vital to keep a safe distance from others.

Desktop Defenders can promote social distancing and prevent the spread of the virus. Best of all? They can achieve this without interfering with interactivity. For in-person learning to be a success, there needs to be interactivity. With the desktop defender, students will still be able to participate in class while seated at their desks in a safe and transparent barrier.

Safeguarding health is vital. No matter your setting, a plastic sneeze shield can prove useful in the fight to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses. Interested in the Desktop Defender? Contact us today to learn more about it and our other products.