The COVID-19 pandemic has been truly upended the way of life for people around the world. In both the personal and professional realms, new norms of behavior have been established to try and halt the spread of a contagious and potentially deadly virus.

Citizens have taken to wearing masks while businesses have tried to adapt with barriers and social distancing. Schools have installed “desktop defenders” in between desks to separate students from teachers. As the pandemic meanders toward its eventual end, our “new normal” may involve some PPE equipment staying as standard protocol.

The demand for PPE is growing and in order to meet rising global demand, WHO estimates that the PPE industry must increase manufacturing by 40%. This includes things like protective desk barriers and clear screens for offices.

Here’s how putting up protective equipment from sneeze guard manufacturers and others in the PPE industry can help your business return to normal.

Barriers Help Reduce Transmission

Barriers, whether they are manufactured by window companies or sneeze guard manufacturers, help reduce the spread of COVID-19 as long as they are installed correctly. These practical plexiglass windows allow customers and employees to converse without worrying about a sneeze or cough potentially spreading illness. Windows are usually mandated to be cleaned after a certain amount of time or number of customers. That way, they are always clean and not harboring any pathogens that could make someone sick.

In addition to masks and social distancing, barriers from certified sneeze guard manufacturers have been shown to reduce the risk of large droplet transmission. Although peer-reviewed studies are not available yet, it is accepted by mainstream scientists and health professionals in tandem that shields are better than being too close to someone, especially if they’re not wearing a mask. Many consumers have come to expect shields as an additional line of safety, and may stop visiting businesses that don’t install them.

Desktop Defenders Are Inexpensive and Practical

If you’re seeking to open up your business environment again, desktop defenders and other employee shields are a practical way to help you get back to normal. By separating employees that used to work together by shields, they still have the ability to converse and interact on projects without worrying about a sneeze closing your office. They may also be mandated by law in your area to do business, making you compliant.

When you’re thinking about a school environment, the chances of transmission are even potentially greater because of the large number of people in one small room. Therefore, desktop defenders that have multiple sides can be a good way to separate children. These allow children to have access to all corners of a classroom while staying at their desks. These types of sided barriers are made by sneeze guard manufacturers and others that previously serviced the restaurant industry, DMVs, and other places that have a history of using such guards.

Rely on the Desktop Defenders from AGI Products

Staying healthy and safe is of the utmost importance. When you want to get your school or business back on track, rely on the sneeze guard manufacturers you can trust: at AGI Products, our desktop defender will help keep your office safe. Contact us today for more information.