Adjustable Hay Ring – 5′, 6′, or 7′ Diameter – 32″ or 24″ tall

5′, 6′, or 7′ Diameter Adjustable Hay Ring – 32″ or 24″ tall



Round hay bales come in all different sizes. When the “one-size-fits-most” hay rings on the market will not serve your purposes, take a look at our adjustable hay rings. Our 7′ adjustable hay ring can easily be adjusted to a diameter of 5′, 6′, or 7′ by either adding or removing plastic sections. Compared to metal hay rings, our plastic hay rings are safer for your horses and small animals. Metal hay rings have protruding metal framework that your animals could get caught or hurt on. Metal hay rings also may rust, corrode, and bend leaving sharp, exposed edges that could potentially cut you or your farm animals and lead to costly medical or veterinarian bills. Avoid these costly situations by buying AGI’S plastic hay rings. They will not rust or corrode. They feature smooth, round edges with no protruding metal framework.

They are made out of 100% post-consumer high density polyethylene plastic. Our adjustable hay rings are available in two separate heights. The 24″ tall adjustable hay ring is ideal for your smaller animals such as goats, alpacas, and llamas, while the 32″ tall adjustable hay ring is more suitable for your larger animals like horses. Contact us today for more information!

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