Hanging Gate or Fence Feeders

Hanging Gate or Fence Feeders



Are you in need of a feeder to take to fairs or shows or for around your arena or barn? Take a look at our hanging gate or fence feeders. They are portable and lightweight and are made to fit on both wood and steel panels. And, they come in five different colors! Our Hanging Gate or Fence Feeders are made from high density polyethylene plastic, which will not rust or corrode. They have been made to provide you with years of use and convenience. They have been UV-stabilized to resist fading and to withstand prolonged sun exposure without becoming brittle. Also, clean-out is a breeze thanks to the smooth, rounded interior corners.

  • Fits both wood and steel panels
  • Seamless one piece construction
  • Easy feed clean out
  • Holds up to tough animal abuse
  • Easy to move and handle
  • Rust and chemical resistant
  • Available to ship via UPS
  • Note: Will fit up to the 2” Bull Gates and has center hole for fastening, 1/8” thick


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