8′ Horse Hay Ring

8′ Horse Hay Ring

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Continuing the strong tradition of quality plastic feeders known by AGI plastic feeder users, the 8’ Horse Hay Ring fits over the larger 8’ diameter bales. Fully enclosed panels protect the horses from their natural inclination to kick and paw. It also keeps the hay from being merely a carpet for them to walk over by providing containment with easy access at feed time.

By keeping the hay out of the reach of busy hooves, more hay is used as feed as intended. It is an easy process for the horse to push themselves closer to the bale, bumping the 8’ HHR into position where they can continue to reach the hay within. If you have a nipper or biter, they find themselves distanced by small separations provided by the stanchions. Hopefully, making meal time a little less of a struggle for all.

This particular ring has just a little more weight and is rather unwieldy which means you might need an extra pair of hands to get the 120 lbs. up and over the bale. (Because the ring’s dividers have a tendency to fall toward the middle, the hay bale should not be dropped into its center.)

Ideal for keeping hay confined to reduce hay waste to save time and money. AGI Products 8′ Hay Ring is a smart, safe, veterinarian-recommended choice for your cherished horses.

Compared to metal, our plastic hay rings are safer for your horses. Hay rings feature smooth, rounded edges, do not rust, corrode, or bend like metal alternatives. Dents are only temporary and should easily pop out into shape.

  • Veterinarian Recommended
  • Keeps hay confined for minimal loss
  • Easy to assemble and move
  • Four sections ready to bolt together.
  • Rust and chemical resistant feeders have even held up to abuse
  • Eight eating spaces from our draft horse recipients.
  • One-year limited warranty

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Weight 117 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 48 in


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