Free Standing Bunk Feeders

Free Standing Bunk Feeders



Our well researched and tested Free Standing Bunk Feeders are having a significant impact on the bunk feeder business. Unlike metal bunk feeders, our plastic bunk feeders will not rust or corrode and are built to withstand tough animal abuse. Our durable plastic feeders are resilient and will resist permanent indentations, unlike metal.

Most of our unique Free Standing Bunk Feeders feature two separate compartments. Our 5’ bunk feeder (F4873) has an available a water shut off mechanism and divider (by request) so the feeder can be utilized for one side feed and one side water. This mechanism is covered and thus free from animal and weather abuse. And, check out our low profile feeders (denoted by an “LP” at the end of the part number)! They are great for your goat, sheep, and calves.

  • Possible to have one side feed and one side water (F4873 only
  • Easy to handle
  • Easy feed clean out
  • Holds up to tough animal abuse
  • Seamless one-piece construction
  • Fully supported
  • Rust and chemical resistant


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